Your jam packed reading stays with you for months. Using the Tarot, Kaylene helps you find practical actions towards manifesting your desires. 


It's easy to be so close to a situation that it's hard to understand it clearly. A reading with Kaylene helps look at things from a big picture perspective, putting things in context.


Everyone has spirit guides. (Even muggles!) Beings who's job it is to assist you on the path of being human, which can be quite weird and frustrating at times. People's spirit guides like relaying messages through Kaylene.


Unhappy in your relationship and don't know what to do about it? Trying to figure out your best course of action regarding a big change? Just want to check in with where you are currently? A tarot reading is just the thing!




Kaylene Interviews Priestess Pomegranate Doyle

"Keep your head up, even though the road is hard, never give up" - Tupac Shakur